Dali at the Centre Pompidou

Dali at the Centre Pompidou

Opening tomorrow is this major tribute to one of the 20th century’s most complex and prolific artists, coming more than thirty years after the Centre Pompidou’s 1979 retrospective devoted to his work (which remains the most successful exhibition in the history of the museum!). A highly controversial artist, Dali’s theatricality and greed (his nickname was “Avida Dollars”) as well as his provocative political stances were often derided. Over two hundred works (paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc.) are presented in a succession of three chronological themed sections. Among the masterpieces are some of Dali’s most revered icons: The Persistence of Memory (Melting watches), 1931, Le Grand Masturbateur, 1929, Le Spectre du Sex appeal, 1934 as well as L’Énigme sans fin, 1938. The exhibition will also offer the opportunity to discover more than a hundred works on paper, objects, projects for stage and screen, films, photographs and excerpts from television programmes that reflect the intense activity of the artist turned “showman,” making him a precursor of performance art and happenings.
Until 25 Mar. 11am-9pm (11pm Thu). Closed Tue. 13€/ 11€
Centre Pompidou, rue Beaubourg, 4th. M° Hôtel de Ville or Rambuteau. www.centrepompidou.fr/

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