Jeremie Kost at Nuke Galerie

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Jeremy Kost‘s celebrity paintings–silkscreened on large-scale canvases from Polaroid images–are paired here with Polaroid facsimiles by Andy Warhol from the 70s and 80s. The show debuted recently at the Andy Warhol Museum in NYC. Both artists share an inquisitive lust to understand fame in all its dramatic guises and extravagant poses. Occasionally they share a subject–Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton, Keith Richards–though Kost approaches these iconic individuals from a very different perspective. By translating his original photographs into these slick yet gritty canvases, Kost has given his unique vision a new sense of monumentality. Celebrity is both celebrated and complicated. We see the mobs of paparazzi themselves, clamoring for a shot, and the polarized finish of the paintings themselves is simultaneously glamorous and anti-glamor–just as Beyonce here appears both as a superstar and a sort of monster, caught in the camera’s flash.
Until 18 Nov. 2-7pm. Closed Sun, Mon.
Galerie Nuke, 11 rue Sainte Anastase, 3rd.

Ain’t No Need To Cry (Beyonce), 2012

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