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A history making new project will be born in Paris this year. La Jeune Rue is a bold, utopic and unique development from young banker Cédric Naudon. He’s already made a mark on the Paris landscape with the chichi Ile St Louis restaurant Le Sergent Récruteur, and this new project is considered a direct continuation of this. Indeed Naudon has conceived La Jeune Rue hand in hand with the chef from Le Sergent Récruteur Antonin Bonnet, and the idea is to “produce better, eat better, live better” by bringing produce from their exceptional suppliers, including the permaculture farm La Ferme du Bec-Hellouin, direct to Parisians. But don’t expect another new Terroirs d’Avenir grocery, as La Jeune Rue will be a whole new neighbourhood in Paris, fanning out along the Rue du Vertbois, Rue Volta, and Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth in the Northern Marais. Naudon has taken over about 25 shops here, each of which will be overhauled by some of the biggest designers and architects on the international scene: Andrea Branzi will take care of the cinema, the Campana Brothers the bistro, Japser Morrison the tapas bar, Ingo Maurer the speakeasy, Jaime Hayon the Japanese club and the flour mill, Allesandro Mendini another bistro, and Tom Dixon the grocery and fishmonger, and the list goes on. Expect to visit the first shops from this April and May.


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