Merce Cunningham Legacy Tour at Théâtre de la Ville

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Tickets remain for shows in the second programme ‘Towards Infinity’ (20-23 Dec) of Merce Cunningham Company’s ‘Legacy Tour’, planned by Merce Cunningham before he died and opening at the Théâtre de la Ville on Thursday. Experience the dance master’s pastoral frolic RainForest (1968), immortalized by Andy Warhol’s silver and helium pillows; for the choreographer they evoked a landscape of tropical forest; Duets (1980), accompanied by John Cage’s jostling pieces for percussions, brilliantly reveals Cunningham’s acute understanding of the specificity of the duo, the cornerstone of choreographic writing. Finally BIPED (1999) crowns the last chapter opened by the choreographer as he started using computer programmes to help him imagine in the real space of the stage figures articulated, combines and placed  in space in the most unforeseen ways. The piece reflects  a whole life’s work unceasingly tending towards infinity.
Théâtre de la Ville, 2 pl du Châtelet, 4th. M° Châtelet.

© Stéphanie Berger

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