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This new spot in the Northern Marais, round the corner from OFR, sells quality Danish coffee (there’s even lattes!), home-made salads, tarts and cakes. Run by the American Merce Muse (yes, that’s her real name), she’s doing a sophisticated, caffeine focused, take on the café, that we’re more used to seeing in London or New York.
1 rue Dupuis, 3rd. Tue-Fri 10.30am-7pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-5.30pm.
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  • Buck Jones

    I visited this cafe today, Sunday, at 14h… it’s not far from my apartment, and just across from one of my favorite restaurant cafes. First of all, I came with high hopes, having just read this review – and the idea is great. HOWEVER… the reality. Bof. The service is, as they say in Paris, “pas terrible”, meaning, there were 3 people working behind the counter, but it took them 15 minutes to move a line of three people. Granted, one of them was dealing with an order of five insipid Parisian girls in their 30’s … the kind who take 10 minutes to decide what to order, and invariably after changing their minds four times each, get the order so hopelessly screwed up that the waiter has to do twice the work.

    Anyway, by the time it was my turn, I ordered a simple coffee (having read the review about the wonderful Danish coffee, and a nice drip roasted coffee to go was exactly what I wanted on a cool September afternoon). “beh, nous n’avons pas le filtre pour le cafe, desole” I was told. No coffee filters. Great.

    The decor is kind of relaxed mod/1960’s, with good music (the Stones were playing when I was in my interminable wait in line). The food looks good, but it is a tiny place, so don’t plan on eating at a table … unless you are one of those ditzy French girls who was knitting while talking non-stop at the only table on the main floor.

    I wish them luck. Hope you get a coffee filter.

  • Pauline

    yes this place was mehhhhhhhhh! the owner is just oblivious chatting up her friends and not serving customers. Waited forever to sit at the very small table which is fine but once there it took them about 15 minutes to come over and ask us if we wanted something…well duh! Then we were corned in there at the communal table and actually considered calling the place from our cell phones to tell them we were in the corner and wanted to eat something please!

    The funny thing is it’s hard to have an american coffee shop of this size (so small) with Parisian that don’t move all day even after their coffee and food is long done…

    hmmmm good effort but was not that impressed with the overall experience despite that the food was definitely decent. Special for France because we don’t have a lot of things like that but would just be another random coffee shop in NYC.

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