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Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is considered ‘an emerging master of modern cinema’. With his latest feature, This Must Be The Place, winner of the Ecumenical Jury Prize at Cannes earlier this year, Sorrentino reinvents a typical American road movie with some  unconventional characters. Sean Penn delivers a hilarious performance as Cheyenne, an ageing rock star living in a mansion in Ireland who travels to America to see his dying father. With his father’s lifelong ambition of finding the Nazi who corrupted his childhood in Auschwitz unrealised, Penn takes it upon himself to hunt him down and there spawns a road trip of epic proportions. The title of the film refers to a Talking Heads song and indeed we find David Byrne performing a live concert in the film and composing the rest of the film’s soundtrack, from suspense music to modern classical passages, as well as the songs performed by Sean Penn’s fictitious band, ‘The Pieces of Shit’. Penn’s character is what makes the film such a success: a mop of bushy black hair, gothic make-up and stage looks matched with a mumbling high pitched voice make him half Truman Capote and half Ozzy Osbourne. His life in the spotlight has made it difficult for him to assimilate into normal society so much of the humour comes from his outrageous and outlandish public behaviour and attitudes towards babies, Tesco and Jamie Oliver. While this quirky character-piece is not the Fellini-esque masterpiece of Sorrentino’s last film Il Divo, the black humour and quality performances are sure to thrill and delight. (FT)

This Must Be The Place – Official Trailer… par Eklecty-City

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