ON FIRE, 1996-2011: 0fr's first 15 years

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Open, Free and Ready! Our favourite arts, design and fashion bookshop OFR is celebrating its 15 year anniversary this year with all sorts of parties, exhibitions and projects. They’ve just launched a limited-edition (1,000 copies) retrospective book ‘On Fire’, which commemorates 15 years of liberty, culture, friendship, passion and independence, and has been put together by the Japanese artist Makoto Ouri. Ouri had complete access to OFR’s abundant archives and she recounts the story of the founders – brother and sister tag team Alexandre & Marie Thumerelle – and their more than 115 publishing projects, 300 magazines distributed, 100 000 cult books sold in over 115 bookshops worldwide, 60 concerts – including the first from Daft Punk!, hundreds of trips, exhibitions, tea and cake, scented candles, and many other surprises…
160 pages / 19€.
OFR,  20 rue Dupetit-Thouars, 3rd. www.ofrsystem.com/

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